How to Finish First Contact in Starfield

How to Finish First Contact in Starfield

When you embark on your explorations in Starfield, one of the crucial quests you'll encounter is "First Contact." This mission requires you to act as a diplomatic intermediary between two parties: an established colony managed by a doubtful board and an Earth Colonist ship seeking to settle on the same planet. This article guides you through the walkthrough of this quest, highlighting the best choices to make and how to navigate the mission's complexities.

Locating the First Contact Quest

The First Contact quest commences once you've acquired the activity leading you to the planet Paradiso. Upon entering the Porrima system, you will receive a transmission from Chief Sugiyama of Porrima 2, activating the mission. However, communications with a craft orbiting the planet are disrupted, and your best option is to dock with the ship and speak with the settlers on board.

To initiate the diplomatic mission, Captain Diana Brackenridge of the Earth Colony Ship (ECS) Constant will delegate you. The objective is to make contact with Paradiso's authorities and negotiate settlement terms for the Earth colonists. On Paradiso, you will engage with Chief Sugiyama and Oliver, Paradiso's CEO, who will present three options for the colonist's settlement:

  1. Persuade the colonists to settle elsewhere and equip their ship with a Grav Drive for travel.
  2. Compel the settlers to accept a provisional settlement deal involving working to offset their boarding debt.
  3. Completely obliterate the settlers.

Each choice carries its consequences, but the last option, despite being the simplest and least costly, might upset some of your companions.

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Persuading the Settlers to Relocate

This choice, despite being the most ethically acceptable, is potentially the most complex and costly. Oliver will direct you to HopeTech's Bennu St. James who possesses an antique Earth Grav Drive that could be compatible with the settler's ship. However, the parts and labor required for modifications will cost up to 40,000 credits, although a successful persuasion check could reduce the cost to 25,000 credits.

After securing the Grav Drive, you'll need to help Amin Kazemi, ECS Constant's engineer, prepare the ship for modifications. Once done, return to Captain Brackenridge to complete this part of the quest.

Implementing a Temporary Settlement Deal

This option is the second one, requiring you to gather specific resources. This choice is the most time-consuming but spares you the expense of a Grav Drive. However, this option may upset some companions as it will put the settlers in a condition of semi-servitude.

The resources you need to gather include 40 fiber, 20 sealant, 80 iron, and 10 lithium. Although this part of the quest can be time-consuming, it's an option for those who want to avoid the costly Grav Drive.

Making the Settlers Disappear

The last option, and potentially the most morally corrupt, involves rigging the settlers' ship's reactor to explode. This option is the most lucrative, yielding 6,500 credits from Oliver and unrestricted access to the resort. However, you will need stealth skills and at least one rank in pickpocketing. If successful, you will have to flee the ship before it explodes.

The "First Contact" quest in Starfield provides a significant moral choice with its three options. Whether you choose to help the settlers find a new home, coerce them into a settlement deal, or opt for their elimination, each choice carries its rewards and consequences. Always remember that your decisions will shape your game experience and potentially impact your companions' relationships. It's your adventure to navigate, so choose wisely. The "First Contact" quest offers a meaningful and engaging gameplay experience that reflects the essence of Starfield's open-world exploration and moral complexities.

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