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Customize Your Gaming Mouse Pad or Deskmat

A mouse pad is not simply a functional tool, but also a statement of personal style, a reflection of your unique personality and a dash of comfort in your workspace. In this realm of customization, the custom mouse pads have emerged as a popular trend, allowing you to add a personal touch to your desk while enhancing the performance of your mouse. At The Gaming Planet, we offer you an extensive selection of customizable mouse pads, available in a diverse range of sizes and thicknesses to suit your unique needs.

Choosing the right mouse pad & deskmat material

Embark on a journey toward impeccable design and functionality with The Gaming Planet's custom mouse pads, crafted precisely to elevate your gaming and working experiences. Unveil the perfect mouse pad for you by delving into the pivotal insights of distinct mouse pad materials and their myriad benefits.

Typically, the mouse pad universe is divided into two prominent categories: hardcover and soft pad, each flourishing with its unique merits. The former, hardcover mouse pads, often forged from plastic or metal, furnish a sleek, seamless surface that enables your mouse to glide with utmost finesse, making it the go-to choice for gamers and graphic designers in pursuit of unerring precision and swift movements.

Conversely, soft mouse pads, crafted meticulously from foam or rubber and crowned with a fabric top layer, cradle your wrist in comfort, presenting themselves as an exemplary option for daily, regular use.

In your pursuit of excellence with The Gaming Planet, explore our custom mouse pads, thoughtfully constructed from either Neoprene or Polyester and distinguished by high-quality edge stitching that resists peeling, a steadfast anti-slip backing, striking full print, and multifunctional use. In this diverse ocean of options, your choice should transcend design, nesting firmly in the realms of comfort and tailored usage requirements, ensuring that your selected mouse pad not only embodies your style but also enhances your operational efficiency and comfort.

Designing your custom mouse pad

Once you have chosen the right material for your mouse pad on our shop, the next step is to consider the design. Here's where you can let your creativity shine.

The design could range from a favorite photo, a logo, a catchy phrase, or even a work of art. Most shops allow you to upload your design, ensuring that the mouse pad is indeed, custom-made for you.

In case you're pondering which design to choose or create or if you’re fueled by the spirit of individuality, our anime-themed mouse pads collection opens a world of enchanting possibilities. From the ethereal "Beautiful Girl Anime Mouse Pad" to the fierce and captivating "Black Frieza Anime Mouse Pad", each design not only elevates your workspace aesthetics but also invites you into an animated world that mirrors your favorite characters and stories. Immerse yourself in the universe where the 'Girl with Katana' exudes formidable elegance, or sail the high seas with the iconic 'Crew Pirates' at your desk. And the adventure doesn’t stop at our dynamic range of designs!

Get the Black Frieza Anime Mouse Pad👇

Black Frieza Anime Mouse Pad

You can elevate our templates by personalizing them - consider embellishing with a name, a meaningful date, or an inspiring quote to bring that extra touch of individuality to your space. Dive into the animated expanse, where each mouse pad, starting from just $19.99 USD, not only becomes a statement of your style but also a vibrant playground for your daily digital endeavors.

We also offer a great variety of gaming mousepads, each uniquely designed to elevate your gaming experience. Choose from an array of captivating designs like the energetic 'Sports Car Futuristic Gaming Mouse Pad' or the tranquil 'Beach Sunset Gaming Mouse Pad'. Navigate through cosmic adventures with our 'Astronaut' series or dive into abstract art with our colorful selections, all available here starting from just $19.99 USD. A world where quality meets imaginative design, only at The Gaming Planet.

Remember, the primary purpose of a custom mouse pad is to reflect your personality, so choose a design that resonates with you.

Quality, size, thickness of the custom mouse pad

At The Gaming Planet, we not only uphold this tradition but elevate it, bringing you custom deskmat that weave top-tier quality, diverse sizes, and varied thickness into a canvas that breathes life into your digital ventures. Our mousepads, characterized by meticulously tailored high-quality edge stitching that pledges resistance to peeling, and an anti-slip backing that ensures steadfastness in your every move, converge to offer a blend of durability and style, seamlessly marrying functionality with expressive design.

The perfect deskmat size

You will find the perfect deskmat size that fits your needs

Navigating through our wide array of mouse pads, you'll find creations carved out of superior materials such as Neoprene or Polyester, each fostering a distinct tactile experience, designed to cater to varied user preferences and needs. Be it the professional who demands precision and consistency in every cursor move or the digital artist who seeks a vibrant palette beneath their fingertips; our mouse pads stand as a testament to the effortless amalgamation of quality and aesthetic splendor.

Ensuring that your expressive self doesn’t get lost in the digital abyss, our full print custom mouse pads invite you to immerse into a universe where each design not only resonates with your personality but also provides a multifunctional use, serving as a consistent companion in your diverse digital pursuits.

So, as you ponder upon the thickness, material, and design of your mouse pad, remember that with The Gaming Planet, you are not merely choosing a tool; you are curating an experience - one that stands unwaveringly at the intersection of top-notch quality, expressive design, and remarkable durability for an affordable price. 

Qality print and color accuracy for the deskmat

While the design is a pivotal element of your custom mouse pad, ensuring the quality of print and color accuracy is equally crucial, especially at The Gaming Planet. Inferior quality prints or inaccurate colors can detract from the overall aesthetic of your mouse pad.

Therefore, it's imperative to select a vendor, like The Gaming Planet, that utilizes premium quality ink and offers a color match guarantee

Ordering and pricing of a custom deskmat or mouse pad

Let's navigate through the process of ordering and the pricing of a custom mouse pads at The Gaming Planet. The Gaming Planet simplifies this with a user-friendly interface, offering a price calculator to estimate the cost as you make your selections. The ordering process is straightforward: simply upload your design, select the size, and place your order. The Gaming Planet will then meticulously print your design on the selected mouse pad and ensure it's shipped to you within the stipulated delivery timeframe.

How to choose the correct custom mouse pad size

Selecting the right size for your custom mouse pad plays a crucial role in enhancing your gaming or working experience. At The Gaming Planet, we offer a splendid range of size options, each meticulously designed to cater to different needs.

  • Smaller Sizes [(9"x7"), (9"x8")]: Ideal for compact workspaces or for those who need a mobile, easy-to-carry option.
    • Price: Starting at $22.99 USD
  • Medium Sizes [(18"x12"), (22"x12"), (18"x16")]: These are versatile, offering ample space for standard mouse movement without taking up too much desk real estate.
    • Price: Starting at $26.99 USD
  • Large Sizes [(31"x15.5"), (36"x18")]: Suitable for gamers or professionals who need extra space for expansive mouse movements, or who prefer having more of their desk surface covered.
    • Price: Starting at $39.99 USD
  • Custom RGB Mouse Pads available in sizes like (23.6"x11.8"), (27.6"x13.8"), (35.4"x15.7"), and (31.5"x11.8"): These add an extra element of aesthetic with customizable RGB lighting, providing both functionality and style to your setup.
    • Price: Starting at $34.99 USD

In choosing the size, consider the following:

  • Desk Space: Ensure the mouse pad fits comfortably on your desk, with sufficient space for other essentials.
  • Usage: Gamers and graphic designers might prefer larger sizes for broad movements, while general users might opt for medium or small sizes.
  • Aesthetic and Comfort: Your mouse pad should complement your workspace's look and provide comfort during use.

Can I make promotional mousepads and deskmats?

Absolutely, promotional mousepads serve as an excellent marketing tool for businesses, events, or even personal brands. At The Gaming Planet, we specialize in creating custom mouse pads that can effortlessly transform your design ideas into a tangible promotional tool.

Whether you're looking to create mouse pads that highlight your company logo, showcase a specific product, or convey a special message, we've got you covered. Not only do promotional mouse pads offer a continuous branding presence on desks, but they also provide a functional tool for daily use, keeping your brand visually present in the everyday lives of your clients, customers, or colleagues. So, not only are you ensuring a consistent reminder of your brand, product, or event, but you’re also providing a useful and appreciated item to those who receive it.


Can I add my own photo or design?

Certainly! Adding your own photo or design to a custom mouse pad is not only possible but also a popular choice for many customers at The Gaming Planet. Whether it's a cherished photograph, a business logo, or a unique design that you've created, we’re here to transform your vision into reality. Our custom mouse pads allow you to bring a personal touch to your gaming setup, work station, or promotional events. The process is straightforward: simply upload your desired image or design through our user-friendly platform, choose the mouse pad size and features, and leave the rest to us! We utilize high-quality printing techniques to ensure that your images are vibrant, sharp, and true to color, creating a product that’s as unique as you are. So, get creative and make a mouse pad that truly represents you or your brand with impeccable quality and precision.

Are these custom mouse pads suitable for gifting?

Absolutely! Our custom mouse pads at The Gaming Planet are a fantastic gift option for various occasions, be it birthdays, holidays, or corporate events. A personalized mouse pad, adorned with a special photo, meaningful design, or a company logo, not only serves as a functional desk accessory but also adds a personal touch that shows thoughtfulness and care. Whether you’re reaching out to a gaming enthusiast with a vibrant design or seeking a unique and practical corporate gift, our high-quality, vibrant, and durable deskmats cater to all. With an array of sizes and styles to choose from, and the option to personalize them with your own images or designs, these mouse pads become sentimental items that merge usability with personal memories or branding. Create a gift that leaves a lasting impression with our easily customizable, premium-quality mouse pads.