All Like a Dragon Gaiden's Challenge to the Informant quiz answers

All Like a Dragon Gaiden's Challenge to the Informant quiz answers

While immersing yourself in the vibrant world of Sotenbori in Like a Dragon Gaiden, you may stumble upon an intriguing character known as the Quizzy Quester. This individual, who seems to work for the Sotenbori tourist board, will challenge you with trivia questions about the local area. Should you answer his questions correctly, rewards await in the form of extra yen which you can use to upgrade your gear or purchase items. If you are struggling to answer these questions, fear not. This article provides all the answers to the Like a Dragon Gaiden's Challenge to the Informant quiz.

Challenge to the Informant #1

Your first encounter with the Quizzy Quester in Sotenbori could involve a question about the local cuisine. He may ask, "What's the shop in Sotenbori called that sells Okonomiyaki?" For those unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine, Okonomiyaki is a savory pancake filled with a variety of ingredients. The answer is Hiratai. It's a local culinary hotspot, sure to satisfy your character's appetite for delicious Okonomiyaki.

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Challenge to the Informant #2

The second challenge may be related to a well-known local park. The Quester may ask, "There's a place in southeast Sotenbori called Ashitaba Park. If you got a bird's-eye view of it, what shape would it be?" Ashitaba Park is a well-known landmark in Sotenbori. From a bird's-eye view, the park is shaped like a triangle.

Challenge to the Informant #3

In the third challenge, you may find yourself answering a question about one of the iconic local sights. The Quester could ask, "Above the entrance to club SEGA, there's a billboard of one of the seven lucky gods—the warrior king, Bishamonten. What's he wearing on his head?" Bishamonten is a revered deity in Japanese folklore, often represented as a warrior king. As per his depiction, he wears a helmet on his head.

Challenge to the Informant #4

The fourth challenge might test your knowledge about the items sold in local stores. The question could be, "What type of Onigiri is not sold at the three Poppo stores in Sotenbori?" Onigiri, also known as rice balls, are a common snack or meal component in Japan. However, not all flavors are carried by every store. In this case, Plum Onigiri is not sold in the three Poppo stores in Sotenbori.

Challenge to the Informant #5

The fifth challenge could be about the wide variety of alcohol available in Sotenbori. The Quester might ask, "What's the most expensive booze you can drink here in Sotenbori?" With its vibrant nightlife, Sotenbori offers a vast array of alcoholic beverages. However, standing out from the rest because of its price, is the Black Champagne.

Challenge to the Informant #6

The final challenge we will cover may revolve around the happening night scene of Sotenbori. The question you might have to answer is, "There's a certain karaoke bar in Shofukucho with a woman's name. It's called new… what?" The answer to this question is New Momoko, a popular karaoke bar that locals and tourists alike enjoy for its lively atmosphere and excellent selection of songs.

Like a Dragon Gaiden's Challenge to the Informant quiz is a fun and engaging way to test your knowledge about Sotenbori while earning rewards. Whether you're a local or a tourist, the quiz offers intriguing questions that help you learn more about the area and its culture. Armed with the answers provided in this article, you can confidently tackle these challenges and enjoy the rewards. Remember, the goal is not merely to earn yen but also to appreciate the rich culture and history of Sotenbori.

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