How to unlock the Star Eagle ship in Starfield

How to unlock the Star Eagle ship in Starfield

The game Starfield presents a vast universe for players to explore with a variety of spaceships, but the Star Eagle stands out among them. With a hefty cargo hold, seating for up to five crew members, and a robust shield, the Star Eagle is a formidable spaceship worth pursuing. Yet, unlocking this ship requires a series of specific actions involving the Freestar Rangers faction. This article will guide you through the process of unlocking the Star Eagle ship in Starfield.

Joining the Freestar Rangers

To unlock the Star Eagle ship, your first step involves joining the Freestar Rangers faction, essentially becoming a space cowboy. You can join the ranks of this faction in the bustling Akila City. There are eight missions you need to complete to unlock the Star Eagle. The final mission, aptly named The Hammer Falls quest, sees you making a significant decision leading to the unlocking of the Star Eagle.

To initiate the process, you must converse with the Marshal of the Freestar Collective. You can find him near the entrance of Akila City outside Galbank. He'll seek your help in dealing with a gang robbing the bank, leading you into the Job Gone Wrong quest. Upon the completion of this quest, you can join the Rangers, which sets in motion the rest of the faction quests.

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The Process of Unlocking the Star Eagle

Once you've completed the necessary quests and gained the approval of the Freestar Rangers, you receive the Star Eagle ship along with many Freestar Rangers goodies, such as a unique spacesuit, boost pack, and helmet.

The Star Eagle is one of the best pre-built ships in Starfield. It is equipped with a high-powered EM weapon, a well-stocked grav drive, and a powerful engine. Its carry capacity is around 2280 pounds, allowing you to store plenty of necessary resources in the cargo hold. It can even function as a formidable smuggling ship if you install the right cargo shields.

The Star Eagle Features and Capabilities

The Star Eagle is not just about capacity, it also provides space for five crew members. This means you can tour around space accompanied by your favorite crew members.

Furthermore, the Star Eagle allows for additional cargo bays without disturbing the handling or necessitating more powerful engines. However, it's worth noting that flying the Star Eagle can make you a target for enemy factions and pirates. But don't let that deter you; the game Starfield always presents some level of risk, and it's better to face them with a sturdy unit like the Star Eagle.

Concluding Thoughts on Starfield Star Eagle

Unlocking the Star Eagle in Starfield is an adventure in itself. It requires you to join the Freestar Rangers, embark on several quests, and make crucial decisions. The reward, however, is worth the effort.

The Star Eagle offers superior features, including a powerful EM weapon, a well-stocked grav drive, and a large cargo hold. It also allows for a larger crew, which can make your journey through space more enjoyable. With some strategic upgrades like cargo shields, you can even turn it into a formidable smuggling ship.

Navigating the universe of Starfield with the Star Eagle can indeed enhance your gaming experience. So, consider joining the Freestar Rangers on your next adventure, and unlock the potential of the Star Eagle ship.

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