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XL Custom Mouse Pad

XL Custom Mouse Pad

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Buy a Custom Mouse Pad (36"x18") online

Dedicated gamers and professional computer users alike have long realized that having the right tools can make a significant difference in performance and comfort. One of the often overlooked yet essential items is the mouse pad. Gone are the days of plain, uninspiring mouse pads. We now have custom mouse pads that are large, XXL even, designed to not only improve your gaming experience but also fit your style and personality. With a wealth of options available online, you can view, choose, and buy the perfect mouse pad that fits your needs at the right price.

Size Matters: The Advantage of a Large, XXL Mouse Pad

When it comes to mouse pads, size truly matters. Why? Well, let's dive into the reasons.

The large, XXL mouse pads offer a massive surface area for your mouse and other peripherals. Whether you're deep in a fast-paced gaming session or working on a demanding graphical project, the large size ensures that you will never run out of room. Your mouse movements are unrestricted, providing a smooth and consistent glide across the surface. No more picking up and repositioning your mouse.

Beyond the functionality, there's the visual aspect. You can also use these large surfaces to express your personality or match your workspace aesthetics. With custom options, you have the liberty to choose an image that resonates with you. An intricate piece of art, a favorite game character, a calming landscape, the choice is yours. The large size ensures the image is clearly visible, enhancing the overall appeal of your workspace.

Price and Options: Tailoring Your Mouse Pad to Fit Your Budget

While functionality and aesthetics are crucial, we understand that price is a significant factor when making a purchase. With our array of options, you don't have to compromise on quality or design. You can have a high-performing, visually appealing mouse pad that fits within your budget.

The price of a custom mouse pad varies depending on specific elements such as size, material, and design intricacy. For instance, cloth mouse pads with a rubber base are usually more affordable than heavy-duty ones, which provide a more premium feel and durability.

Additionally, there are options to customize the edge of your mouse pad. You can choose a standard edge or opt for stitched edges, which add longevity and a touch of class to your mouse pad.

Design Your Mouse Pad: Image, Crop, and Stickers

The title of a custom mouse pad says it all – it's custom. You have the power to design it as you wish.

Start by selecting an image of your choice. It can be a personal photo, game art, a company logo, or any other image you deem fit for your workspace. Ensure that the image is high resolution for a vibrant and crisp view on the large mouse pad. Remember, the better the image quality, the better the final print.

Once you have the image of your choice, you can proceed to crop it to fit the size of your mouse pad. You can also incorporate stickers or text to your design to add a more personal touch. Make sure to view your design before purchasing to ensure it aligns with your vision.

Material Matters: Cloth, Edge, and Heavy-Duty Options

The material of your mouse pad affects its feel, durability, and performance.

The cloth mouse pads are popular due to their soft, smooth surface that provides a comfortable resting place for your wrists during long gaming or work sessions. They also have excellent tracking for both laser and optical mice.

For those who prefer something more robust, the heavy-duty mouse pads are your go-to option. These are designed with a robust, high-density rubber base to prevent slipping, ensuring your mouse pad stays firmly in place, even during intense gaming sessions.

The edge of the mouse pad is an important consideration as well. You can choose a standard edge or opt for the stitched edge. The stitched edges not only enhance the aesthetics but also prevent the mouse pad from fraying, hence increasing its lifespan.

Remember, while designing your custom mouse pad, take time to view the different options available. The right combination of size, price, image, and material will provide you with a mouse pad that's not only functional but also an expression of your style and passion.

Free Shipping and Regular Price Sale: The Joy of Online Shopping

Online shopping made easy is our motto. We understand that the customer experience doesn't end at the point of purchase. That's why we offer free shipping on all our custom mouse pads.

When shopping online, the final price of your mouse pad is basically the regular price sale plus the shipping fee. We believe that you should only pay for the product and not the logistics behind getting it to you. Hence, we bear that cost, ensuring that you get the best possible deal.

Additionally, we understand that everyone loves a good sale. Therefore, we regularly offer discounts on our mouse pads. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on price sales and grab yourself a bargain!

An Essential for Your Gaming Setup

With our large, XXLΒ (36"x18") mouse pads, you have sufficient space for your mouse and other peripherals. You also get to crop fit the image of your choice onto the pad and add stickers or text, enhancing its visual appeal. Our mouse pads are made from either cloth or heavy-duty materials with an anti-slip base, ensuring they provide optimal performance and durability. And the best part? We offer free shipping and consistent sales, guaranteeing that you get high-quality products at a great price.


  • Neoprene or Polyester
  • High-quality edge stitching that doesn’t peel
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Full print
  • Multifunctional use

Shipping & Returns

  • Every order include free shipping for the United States, Canada and Europe.
  • Look our shipping policy to see if your country can benefit from our Free Shipping.

Care Instructions

  • You can wash and clean your mouse pad very easily.
  • We offer you the best quality with sustainable materials and ink to last for years.
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The Perfect Fit

Find the perfect mouse pad size and customize it to your needs. Will Take care of the rest! The Gaming Planet focuses on offering gamers the best mouse pad for their setup.

  • Free Shipping

    Every order include free shipping for the United States, Canada and Europe. Look our shipping policy to see if your country can benefit from our Free Shipping.

  • Best Mouse Pad Quality

    We make sure to offer you the best quality with sustainable materials and ink for your custom mouse pad or gaming mouse pad.