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XL Custom RGB Mouse Pad

XL Custom RGB Mouse Pad

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Buy a Custom RGB Mouse Pad (35.4"x15.7") online

In the domain of desktop accessories, where functionality meets style, the custom RGB mouse pad stands as a hallmark of personalization. Whether you're a seasoned gamer seeking a responsive surface for your gaming mouse, or a professional looking to add a touch of personality to your desk, the right mouse pad can elevate your space and user experience. With dimensions like 35.4"x15.7", you are not just buying a mouse pad but a desk mat that defines your space.

When shopping for these expansive mats online, several factors come into play, from the image quality to the shipping terms. You will find the perfect mouse pad at The Gaming Planet ensuring that the product you select not only fits your desk but also resonates with your personal style and meets the practical needs of your daily tasks.

The importance of a good mouse pad

The right mouse pad offers a smooth surface, allowing for precise mouse movements—a must-have for gamers and graphic designers alike. It also helps to protect your desk from scratches and wear. The addition of RGB lighting not only enhances your setup's aesthetic but can also set the mood or correlate with your gaming or work sessions.

A large mouse pad, especially one with dimensions of 35.4"x15.7", offers ample room for your mouse to roam freely. It ensures that you never run out of space during crucial moments, whether it's in an intense gaming battle or while dragging a design element across the screen. Plus, it doubles as a protective mat for your keyboard and other desk items.

Choosing a custom option means you have control over the design. Whether you want to showcase your favorite game character, a company logo, or a personal image, custom mouse pads let you put a personal stamp on your workspace.

Feel free to check our other products to find more ways to personalize your gaming or work station with high-quality mouse pads with the perfect size.

Custom size and quality imagery

When it comes to customizing a mouse pad, size matters, but so does the image quality. A large mat like the 35.4"x15.7" serves as a canvas for your chosen artwork. Therefore, it’s crucial that the image aspect ratio matches the pad to avoid any stretching or distortion. Ensure the image you select has a high resolution for the best clarity and quality when printed on a large surface.

We allow you to upload your own design directly, simplifying the process of creating your custom pad. We provide a real-time preview image of how your design will appear on the pad. The position preview feature is particularly helpful to see how the design aligns with the aspect ratio height and width of the pad.

Durability and functionality

While aesthetics are important, you also want a mouse pad that stands the test of time. Durability is key when selecting your mat. Our products are made from high-quality materials that resist wear and tear. The surface is smooth for mouse tracking but also resistant to spills and easy to clean. An anti-slip rubber base keeps the pad firmly in place.

The functionality extends to the RGB lighting as well. This customization allows you to tailor the lighting to your mood or the task at hand.

Inventory and Availability

At The Gaming Planet, we prioritize customer satisfaction by ensuring our inventory for custom mouse pads is always up to date. Before placing your order, check the availability of your preferred size. Our real-time inventory system keeps you informed, ensuring your selection is ready for immediate dispatch.

Shipping Options and Free Delivery

We're proud to offer free shipping on all orders, making your purchase even more value-packed. Remember, all our custom mouse pads are proudly made in the USA, guaranteeing quality and supporting local craftsmanship.

Quality Customer Service

At The Gaming Planet, quality customer service is pivotal. We understand that you might have questions about your order or delivery. That's why we provide detailed tracking and dedicated support throughout the shipping process, ensuring you're always in the loop.



  • Neoprene or Polyester
  • High-quality edge stitching that doesn’t peel
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Full print
  • Multifunctional use

Shipping & Returns

  • Every order include free shipping for the United States, Canada and Europe.
  • Look our shipping policy to see if your country can benefit from our Free Shipping.

Care Instructions

  • You can wash and clean your mouse pad very easily.
  • We offer you the best quality with sustainable materials and ink to last for years.
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The Perfect Fit

Find the perfect mouse pad size and customize it to your needs. Will Take care of the rest! The Gaming Planet focuses on offering gamers the best mouse pad for their setup.

  • Free Shipping

    Every order include free shipping for the United States, Canada and Europe. Look our shipping policy to see if your country can benefit from our Free Shipping.

  • Best Mouse Pad Quality

    We make sure to offer you the best quality with sustainable materials and ink for your custom mouse pad or gaming mouse pad.